The essential oil blend that takes you from 'Talk to me at your own peril!" to 'Of course I want to hear more about your day, honey!'.


For supporting hormonal balance, reducing menstrual pain & PMS.


Soft, gentle & inherently feminine, this blend not only delivers on it's promises, it smells absolutely divine!


Top notes of bergamot & geranium with a base of frankincense & sandalwood.


Pure, potent, and smells 100% amazing.


  • 100% organic oils
  • Handcrafted in Australia
  • Cruelty-free
  • No added preservatives
  • No Gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, nuts



Coconut oil - 100% organic carrier oil, coconut oil allows for enhanced absorption of essential oils across the skin.


Geranium oil - calming & soothing, used traditionally to ease heavy menstrual flow.


Orange oil - known to spark joy, orange oil has been used for improved energy and to combat PMS


Bergamot oil - an uplifting & energizing oil, bergamot helps relieve tension


Clary Sage oil - an antispasmodic & nerve tonic, clary sage oil has long been used to reduce menstrual cramps, improve PMS symptoms and can be supportive for perimenopausal women.


Lavender Oil - with analgesic & antispasmodic properties, lavender oil has been used traditionally for centuries to reduce painful menstrual cramping, calm the nervous system, and balance the body & hormones.


Ylang Ylang oil - this oil brings about emotional balance, providing healing for the wild feminine


Frankincense oil - a potent anti-inflammatory, frankincense oil is known as 'The King of Oils'.


Rosemary oil - a powerful analgesic, rosemary oil can help reduce menstrual pain, whilst also reducing inflammation in the body. Traditionally used to help regulate menstruation.


Cedarwood oil - a calming oil with sedative properties, it's just what you need when dealing with PMS!


Palmarosa oil -  supports the nervous system, often used for mood stabilization & to balance female hormones


Sandalwood oil - A calming sedative & nerve tonic. Traditionally used to support healthy menstruation & hormonal balance.



Apply to abdomen, wrists & neck morning & night or as needed.
For best results, use as a perfume replacement.




*For external use only*

WOMAN - Essential Oil Blend