For the fastest way to clearer skin, more energy, and zero bloat.


A blend of anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant rich ingredients used traditionally to support digestion, reduce bloating, increase energy, support your body’s natural detoxification processes and stabilize blood sugar levels.


Top notes of lemon & red mandarin with a base of cinnamon.


Pure & potent:


  • 100% organic
  • Handcrafted in Australia
  • Cruelty-free
  • No added preservatives




Coconut oil -  a carrier oil that helps increase absorption of your essential oils.


Lemon oil - traditionally used for digestive problems and to improve the acid / alkaline balance in the body. Also used to reduce sugar cravings.


Red Mandarin oil - used to reduce sugar cravings, suport blood sugar balance, aid digestion and reduce stomach cramping


Rosemary oil - used traditionally for blood sugar balance, and as an anti-inflammatory. May be used to support the body's detoxification processes (Some believe it might even help reduce cellulite!).


Spearmint oil - used to relieve indigestion,  painful gas & bloating, and to support digestion.


Peppermint oil - traditionally used to soothe indigestion & heartburn, and may also help reduce sugar cravings.


Cinnamon oil - Used to stabilize blood sugar, reduce sugar cravings,  and reduce inflammation.


Ginger oil - Helpful in reducing feelings of nausea, ginger also aids digestion and reduces gas & bloating.



Apply to abdomen & wrists morning & night, or as needed.

SLIM - Essential Oil Blend