For sleep so sound, only bulldozers next door could wake you....


Doesn't that sound like an absolute dream? 


Let's face it, as you squint through puffy insomniac eyes, you can't even remember the last time you woke up and actually felt rested.


That's where the Sleep Essentials Gift Box comes in. Curated with the sleep deprived mama in mind, these products actually work!


You'll be the energizer bunny again in no time, thanks to these natural sleep remedies.




  • 'Sleep Like My Husband' 40g natural sleep tea
  • SLEEP Essential Oil Roller Blend 10ml
  • Silicone & Stainless Steel Leaf Tea Strainer


All beautifully gift wrapped & packaged.


*We will do our best to honour your chosen strainer colour, however in the case that your choice is not available, we will select another colour based on availability*


Essentials Gift Box - SLEEP

Strainer Colour