Meet Kimberley


Want to know how your 100% organic teas & essential oils can best support your healthy lifestyle?


We believe everyone deserves to feel strong, healthy, & downright fab in their own skin, so  Awakened Health Co. offers 1:1 Nutrition Consultations & Reiki Healings via ZOOM with our Nutritionist & Founder, Kimberley Wright.

Meet Kimberley:

As a Nutritionist, all things food & lifestyle are my jam.


I freaking live to help women understand their bodies, so they can give it exactly what it needs to thrive (and look great while we’re at it!).


I have a degree in Nutritional Medicine & my Reiki Level 2 Certification, whilst also being a busy mama of 3.


When I say holistic natural health is my jam, I mean it.


Helping you fuel your body so it feels amazing to be in your skin is my obsession.


I'm all about individualized nutrition, balancing hormones, improving digestion, and enjoying delicious food while you do it. Because when you feel great in your skin, you become absolutely unstoppable.

I offer Nutrition Consultations, Nutrition Mentoring, & Reiki Distance Healings.

All services are offered via ZOOM, providing the flexibility to receive  guidance & healing from your own home. Rest assured that our online services offer the same high level of care your would expect from a face-to-face consultation.


Want to work with me? Right this way.....

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