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Awakened Health Co. is passionate about holistic natural health.


It’s living this beautiful life hand in hand with nature, utilizing ALL the natural goodies mama earth has provided us.


It’s about harnessing the medicinal power of plants, so our bodies & minds thrive, and we feel freaking fantastic while we do it.


It’s about refreshing dips in the ocean.

Nourishing hot tea to warm the bones.

Delicious fresh food for energy & vitality.

And deep belly laughs for the soul.


Founded by Holistic Nutritionist Kimberley Wright and carefully curated to ensure quality and potency, every Awakened Health Co. product is 100% natural & organic. Cruelty Free.  Ethically Sourced. 


No crap. Zero Greenwashing. And just a little touch of humour.

We offer the BEST organic tea Australia has to offer, and we stand behind every product we release.


Want delicious, therapeutic products that deliver exactly what they promise?

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Meet Kimberley

After career & lifestyle induced burn out in my late 20s, I decided it was time to really start looking after myself. I was a ball of stress & anxiety, and I didn’t want that to continue to taint my life.


It was time to start doing right by my soul.


I cut down on my drinking. I got a little more serious about my running & training.

For the first time in my life I jumped out of bed with energy & excitement. My mind was sharp & clear. I just felt – gooooood!!


I knew I needed a career change, so enrolled in a Bachelor of Health Science, found a new job in property marketing that was part-time, and was just about to start my studies when I manifested my McDreamy (aka Dan, my hubby, baby daddy and all-round partner in crime).


My life took such a positive turn from that moment onward, to where I am now – from a stressed out party girl with low self-worth, to a modern hippie mama of 3 that is a true meld of science & woo woo. 


Becoming a Nutritionist lit a fire in me I had been pretending I didn’t know was in there all along. Now:


  • I give thanks daily for the gifts given to us by our creator via mother earth.

  • I incorporate Nutrition & Reiki & Intuition into my work with my clients.

  • I drink tea like it’s going out of fashion.

  • I love doing weights & feeling strong.

  • I’m obsessed with my 3 kids. 

  • And......I still swear like a sailor (sorry mum!).


Launching Awakened Health CO. I’ve realised is an extension of ALL. OF. THIS.


Curating 100% organic, natural, cruelty-free products is my way of sharing my knowledge & really, my love for other good humans.  


These are the things that are important to me; and I just know they can improve your life in all the ways they have improved mine.


Interested in working 1:1 with me? Head over to my website for more info.


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